Chief Digital Officer Search



“When Piab saw the need for a CDO/CIO who could ensure a solid and forward-leaning digital transformation of the entire company, we realized that we needed a search partner with a very broad reach, and deep insight in the digital universe. We then decided to go with Quotacom and we weren’t disappointed – they helped us find the perfect candidate, who’s probably one of the best there are to find anywhere!”

Clas Gunneberg

The Brief

In line with Piab’s ongoing drive and focus on growth, the attention to advancements in digital innovation has never been greater. Being a data-driven organisation, which leverages the latest advancements in digital technologies is paramount to this journey. As such, Quotacom was exclusively retained by Piab’s CEO, in order to discreetly engage with a Chief Digital Officer to lead this business-critical agenda at group level.

The Results

Quotacom conducted a detailed, Sweden-wide search, comprehensively mapping the market with focus on both competitors as well as industries with transferrable skillsets. Over the course of 14-days an initial shortlist was agreed with 3 top favoured candidates progressing through numerous interview phases, ultimately culminating with the successful placement of Piab’s Chief Digital Officer. Further to this, Quotacom remains engaged with Piab supporting their growth and development of the digital strategy, with particular reference to specialist digital professionals.