GTM Team Build – Intelligent Process Automation



“Following a period of consistent growth, we identified a need to further enhance our go to market capabilities and bring onboard a consulting director and engagement manager to further strengthen our business development and client aquisition capabilities in the UK. I was recommended to Quotacom by Chris Duddridge the VP EMEA of Sorocco, he has engaged John and the team at Quotacom for many years.

The team at Quotacom exceeded all the expectations we had of a professional executive search firm; from helping us to define the job profile and EVP, scheduled search progress meetings, to detailed in person candidate presentation meetings, the team a Quotacom left no stone unturned. It was clear to us that they had taken everything we had told them on board and had clearly undertook an exhaustive approach to the market, which resulted in identification and presentation of a shortlist of six high profile, highly engaged candidates, who all matched or exceeded our expectations.

From the shortlist we were able to identify several excellent candidates to take thorough to the second round of interviews, as such we were able to hire two of those candidates, both matching exactly the briefs we set out. The support, advice we were given throughout the process, particularly during the feedback, negotiation and referencing stage was invaluable and undoubtedly gave us an edge to secure our preferred candidates. I can’t recommend the team at Quotacom anymore highly from an experience perspective, the speed that they helped us achieve our hiring objectives was incredible.

Additionally, John’s personal involvement and carefully crafted guidance in the whole process was incredible. I personally felt that Quotacom were acting like an extension of FwF which gave me a lot of confidence in the whole process and also it is what sets Quotacom apart from all the other agencies in the market.”

Marius Bene

The Brief

Future Work Force is a fast growing, product agnostic management consultant and systems integrator. They support enterprise grade customers across mutiple sectors including banking, insurance, utilities, legal, telco etc. with their digital transformation journies. Over the last ten years they have gained an enviable reputation as a trusted partner to some of the leading vendors in the space including UiPath, Microsoft for RPA, Soroco and Celonois for Task Mining/Process Discovery and Druid AI and OutSystems for AI and Low/No Code Development.

Following an impressive period of growth in their UI&I business over the last few years, the FWF leadership team instructed Quotacom to assist them in further developing their GTM team, following a referral from the VP EMEA from Soroco. The GTM team build would consist of a Consulting Director and Engagement Manager who would focus on net new revenue generation activities in the UK&I territory.

The Results

Following a detailed executive search consultation, Quotacom created a highly marketable role specific EVP, including a client marketing pack and detailed search strategy. Quotacom delivered six highly qualified, motivated and suitable candidates within a fifteen working day timeframe. All six candidates were interviewed and following a detailed feedback meeting it was decided to bring four of those candidates forward to the next stage, with a clear strategy and plan in place to close the positions and preferred candidates for each position. Both positions were closed successfully with the candidates having signed contracts within seven weeks of the search commencement.